ChatSansar – Free Chat Site is one of the oldest free chat sites. Chat Sansar has online chat rooms based on countries. It also has voice & video that as group chat and private chat. ChatSansar has a lot of chat users from Nepal. The chat room is currently based on IRC.

ChatSansar main chat is based on voice or video chat along with text chat. Voice and video chat have file-sharing options, avatars, tictac toe game. ChatSansar also has separate channel #Trivia to play question-answer quiz games. They have eggdrop bots that show time zone, top 10 stats, facts, dictionaries, and so on. They even have IRC Duck Hunt. Horoscope is also there, which is shown with the command line: !horoscope for example: !aries (which needs to be typed in the public chat lobby)

ChatSansar runs on mobile devices as well. The voice and video chat run on mobile (android and ios) without any problem. They have free apps based on countries as well like Nepali chat and Indian chat.

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